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Explore new possibilities and elevate your interior design with a unique, cutting-edge stretch ceiling.


Your Imagination

Stretch Ceiling Toronto

Revitalize Your Space

With a stretch ceiling – your plain office space can turn into a dazzling hall with shiny ceilings and elegant lighting fixtures; a dull study hall can transform into a vibrant, reflective area that sparks creativity; and a museum can become a living work of art with its printed stretch ceiling.

Explore the endless potential of PVC stretch ceilings. Get in touch with our team today to uncover the remarkable qualities of this material and its innumerable benefits.


What Is A Stretch Ceiling?

A stretch ceiling is made up of two main elements: lightweight aluminum profiles and a flexible, fire-resistant PVC membrane.

Aluminum profiles are fitted within the drywall below the current ceiling to establish a sophisticated track system. These profiles form a perimeter track designed to securely hold the PVC membrane.

Next, the PVC membrane is meticulously stretched and affixed onto the profiles, crafting the ceiling with precision. Heat is applied to stretch and firmly secure the PVC harpoon within the profiles.

Remarkably, PVC possesses the unique ability to stretch effortlessly and return to its original form.

Installation is swift and leaves minimal mess, contingent upon the intricacy of the design. The ultimate outcome is a sleek, contemporary matte ceiling customized to your specifications.


Stretch Ceiling Experts

We have over 10 years of stretch ceiling installation experience and over 30 years of construction experience in interior finishing. Our experience has allowed us to develop a level of expertise that is virtually unmatched.

BARRISOL® Stretch Ceiling

BARRISOL® has been the world leader in stretch ceilings for more than 50 years. They have developed a wide range of stretch ceiling materials, including printed, textile, mirror, metallic, climatization, lighting, and acoustic solutions. Their wide range of materials makes creating any interior finish simple.

ARTOLIS® Wall Covering System

Make a statement with the ARTOLIS® wall covering system. ARTOLIS’s® wall covering system allows you to create and install a seamless mural on your walls. Choose between acoustic or translucent membrane, have it custom printed, then installed over your drywall. Learn more.

CONVERTO Cladded T-bar Tiles

Bring new renewed life to existing t-bar tiles with the help of CONVERTO custom-cladded tiles. Much like BARRISOL® products, CONVERTO tiles can be specially made to suit your ceiling and design preferences. Choose between lighting, print, mirror, and other options to design the ceiling of your dreams.

BARRISOL CLIM® Climatisation System

The BARRISOL CLIM® climatization system is an effective, noise-reducing, and aesthetically pleasing option for heating, cooling and ventilating your space.

Rather than using ducts and vents, the BARRISOL CLIM® membrane system attaches to the walls below the existing ceiling to allow hot or cool air to disperse throughout the room evenly. No more random patches of hot and cold temperatures, unsightly or loud vents, the BARRISOL CLIM® moves air throughout the room easily.

Safety Certified

BARRISOL® stretch ceilings have been rigorously tested for quality and safety. Their products follow national building codes in Canada and countries around the world.

BARRISOL® PVC material has been tested and proven to be:

  • Fire-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-germ and mildew free
  • Non-toxic
  • Self-deodorizing
  • Dust-free

Our Experience

  • 10+ Years of Stretch Ceiling Installation
  • 30+ Years of Construction Interior Finishing
  • 100+ Projects Completed
  • Preferred Partner of Barrisol®

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