Stretch Ceilings

Get Complete Design Control With A Stretch Ceiling

A stucco, tile, or popcorn ceiling is a sign of an old design. Take your building into the 21st century with a stretch ceiling!

Enjoy Endless Design Possibilities

Let your imagination run wild and bring your most fantastic design visions to life. Stretch ceilings pose endless design possibilities.

PVC ceilings can be built with various materials, allowing you to have translucent, backlit shapes next to a satin-like membrane. Stretch ceilings can also be customized to various depths, meaning your ceiling can be lower or higher throughout one room.

Stretch ceilings can help bring your vision to life, no matter the idea. Call our office today to learn more about stretch ceiling solutions.

BARRISOL® Stretch Ceilings

You can create your desired space with a stretch ceiling. Learn about stretch ceiling solutions we can install below.


Are you tired of your bland popcorn ceiling? You can have vibrant colours, designs, or pictures on your ceiling with BARRISOL® stretch ceilings. The printed PVC membrane can be customized to your liking then stretched to hide your old ceiling.


Create a bright, reflective space with the help of a mirrored stretch ceiling. This membrane fabric is highly reflective, creating the illusion of mirrors hung on the ceiling. It is perfect for a small room or a place with little lighting.


This high gloss stretch ceiling is perfect for those who want the features of the stretch ceilings but the appearance of metal. The metallic stretch ceiling has a high gloss finish to look just like metal. Yet, the material still promises its popular capabilities.

And More

The options are endless! Book a free consultation today to speak to an interior designer about the BARRISOL® stretch ceilings we have available!

BARRISOL®: A PVC Ceiling You Can Trust

BARRISOL® PVC membranes are the highest quality stretch ceilings on the market. When installed, you can trust that your new ceiling is:

  • Waterproof
  • Dust-proof
  • Anti-microbial
  • Non-toxic
  • Fire-rated
  • & More

Stretch Ceiling Installation

Professional installation is clean and efficient; our team has over 10 years of experience installing stretch ceilings.

  1. We install a perimeter track made out of aluminum profiles or extrusions into the drywall below the existing ceiling. The height of the track varies from project to project because every structure is different.
  2. Before installation, the PVC membrane fabric is customized to the size of the ceiling and your request, whether this custom printing the surface of the material with your designs.
  3. Our team stretches the membrane, attaching its corners to the profiles.
  4. The harpoons on the edge of the membrane are installed on the profiles under direct heat; it’s the only way the harpoons can be attached or loosened.

Design Your Dream Ceiling

Our stretch ceiling solutions can give your office, restaurant, home, or commercial building a brand new look. Give us a call today to start your project. A free consultation is available!

Professional Interior Finishes

At LG Interiors, we are proud to offer a wide selection of interior finishes for your house or commercial space. We also have wall covers, climatization systems, backlit stretch ceilings, and more alongside our ceiling applications. Learn more about our finishes below.

ARTOLIS® Wall Coverings

Plain drywall can be a bore. Give life to your walls with ARTOLIS®! The high-quality, woven membrane can be printed with your images of choice or left unchanged for a simple, modern appearance. Choose between a wide selection of finishes, including translucent and acoustic for backlit or sound-absorbent capabilities.

CONVERTO Cladded T-bar Tiles

Swap out the floating panels in your ceiling with CONVERTO cladded T-bar tiles. There are a wide variety of finishes available, including print, metallic, and translucent for backlit fibre optics.

BARRISOL CLIM® Climatisation System

The BARRISOL CLIM® is a stunning, noise-reducing climatization system that allows you to heat and cool your office without unsightly vents or random hot and cold patches. The BARRISOL CLIM® attaches to the walls much like a stretch ceiling but allows hot and cool air to evenly distribute through its porous surface.


Pot lights and large fluorescent ceiling light fixtures are an eyesore. You can hide the fixtures and illuminate your room with ease thanks to BARRISOL® Lumière stretch ceiling solutions. The Lumière PVC membrane is translucent, allowing light to diffuse through its form. It’s perfect for hiding unappealing lighting solutions on your ceiling.

Stretch Ceilings

Stretch Ceilings

Stretch Ceilings