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CONVERTO cladded T-bar tiles can transform your old ceiling into a brilliant modern focal point. Search our products today.

CONVERTO Cladded T-Bar Tiles

Give your ceilings a much-needed facelift with CONVERTO cladded t-bar tiles. The CONVERTO system utilizes existing aluminum T-bars from dingy plastic cladded ceilings and transforms them into pieces of art using PVC membrane. Beyond its stunning appearance, the PVC membrane that covers the tiles is also fireproof, waterproof, and anti-microbial. It is a simple interior finish that can transform your entire room.

CONVERTO Cladded T-Bar Tile Products

LG Interiors is proud to offer our clients a wide range of CONVERTO cladded T-bar tile products. Please browse our selection of products below to find the perfect material for your next project.


Light up your space with BARRISOL® Lumière! Lumière is a special type of PVC membrane that allows light from backlit LED lights to diffuse through. It is a fantastic way to hide unappealing light fixtures and light up your space, whether you clad the entire ceiling or a few select panels!


Have a mural installed on your ceiling with our printed BARRISOL® membrane. The PVC membrane can be printed with photos, designs, and colours to create a unique piece of art. After installation is complete, you will have an amazing printed ceiling that will catch eyes and turn heads. 


BARRISOL® Mirror® is an attractive solution for buildings with little space. The reflective PVC membrane will decorate and deliminate space, making small rooms look bigger. The reflective finish will also brighten up the area with unmatched brilliance. BARRISO® Mirror® is ideal for a small structure.

Do you have a vision that you would like to bring to life? Contact us today; our team goes to extreme lengths to ensure our customers are satisfied. We will suggest different resources that will help fulfill your request and bring your build to life.

Custom-Cladded T-Bar Tiles To Match Your Design

We start every project with a design consultation. During the consultation, customers meet with our sales and installation team to discuss materials, the number of panels, the CONVERTO system. Once we have finalized the project details, our team will get to work.

We will remove the T-bar tiles from your building and take them away to be clad. Custom lengths of the PVC membrane will be cut and prepared. Our team will then clad the tiles to give the new appearance. The PVC membrane is inserted into the cladding machine causing them to firmly lock in place.

The final step is to place the created tiles back into the space. Once completed, you will have a brand new, modern ceiling that will catch eyes and turn heads.

Produced For The Highest Quality

All BARRISOL® materials are designed and tested for quality. You can trust that you will only receive the best material when you choose BARRISOL® custom-cladded T-bar Tiles for your home or commercial space.

BARRISOL® materials abide by the Canada and Ontario building codes. They also are factory-tested and proven to be:

  • Fire-resistant
  • Anti-microbial
  • Waterproof
  • Dust-free
  • Self-deodorizing
  • Mildew-free

Perfect For Restaurants

Many restaurants are adopting an open-kitchen layout, allowing their guests to see their talented chefs hard at work making their food. While it may be great to show off your qualified kitchen staff, you may also be showing off the stains on your ceiling.

Ceiling tiles can become yellowed and stained after cooking, especially if there is little ventilation. Not only is stained roofing an eyesore, but it can also drive away clients. Make the switch to CONVERTO cladded T-bar tiles today.

CONVERTO cladded T-bar tiles are non-porous, meaning you do not have to worry about your ceiling tiles becoming stained from grease, smoke, steam. The residue can be easily wiped away, leaving your ceiling bright and clean.

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T-Bar Cladding Toronto

T-Bar Cladding Toronto

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