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Our story is being a part of


Our story is
being a part of


We could talk all day about our story: That we have 20-plus years of experience. That our insured and qualified team takes great pride in every task. And that we’re all about high standards and accountability, committed to exceeding your every expectation. But, honestly, we’re more interested in hearing your story. How can we help?

Our partners

We work in close collaboration with architects, designers and customers–always bringing the right accreditation and an unparalleled level of service. There’s a reason we’re a preferred Barrisol® partner. It’s the same reason so many architects and designers call LG Interiors for precise, no-fuss installations.

Our purpose

With our in-depth industry knowledge and extensive hands-on experience, we ask questions that help us see your project from a different perspective. For instance, is the task at hand really the problem to solve? Before you sacrifice too much time or money, why not talk with us?

Our Lead Team


Marek Gryc

Owner of LG Interiors Inc.


Heike Pequegnat

Marketing Director