What is CLIM®Ventilation System?

Unparalleled temperature comfort

It handles all the technical functions in one unit:
  • Heating and cooling
  • Area ventilation / Free cooling
  • Acoustic and/or luminous membrane
  • Option to integrate sound or projected video
Combining beauty and flexibility:
  • No unsightly technical components on show
  • Eliminates visible ventilation hardware.Frees up space on your walls and in your home
  • Optimises the height of your plenum
Unparalleled comfort for enhanced well-being:
  • Quiet
  • Acoustic absorption
  • A consistent temperature throughout
  • A heightened system response time allows the unit to reach the desired temperature quickly
  • No draught
Powerful and economical:
  • Uses between 5 and 10% less energy than standard air-conditioning
  • Environmentally friendly (less energy, less matter) AAA cold and AAA hot performance, according to the ISO 7730 standard
  • Minimal maintenance required