T-Bar Cladding

What are CONVERTO Cladded T-bar tiles?

Barrisol® Stretch Ceilings hang wall to wall on invisible rails—each sheet cut to exacting measure. And, given the lightweight character of the material, there’s never need to modify the existing building structure. Because stretch ceilings work easily around pipes, cables, lights and other existing fixtures, they are also an economical way to bring renewed life to existing T-Bar tiles.

Barrisol® Star® tracks provide the utmost in versatility; they can be fixed to any ceiling or wall perimeter, and can accommodate 3D, concave and convex wall shapes—always with the option for printing or backlighting to stellar effect.

Barrisol® TrempoVision® is a range of open-weave membranes that are stretched with the Barrisol® Trempo® system, by lacing or springs. Ideal for internal and external space, membranes are available in 10 colours and can be printed. These membranes are lightweight and available in various textures—from lacquer to satin to suede.

Barrisol® Mirror® brings the power of reflection to the fold. Reflective walls can help you decorate and delimitate spaces, add perceived volume to smaller rooms, and introduce that unusual dash of elegance and brilliance. When suspended from the ceiling, it’s a whole new level of light and modernity. Gold or silver?

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