Why Barrisol®?

Exceptional solutions for exceptional taste

Exceptional design solutions

Clean, precise installation. Printable for personalized style. Washable for easy maintenance. With an endless range of colours, patterns and finishes, Barrisol® is an ideal solution for any renovation or new-construction project—residential, commercial and industrial alike.

It’s safe for consumers. Putting safety at the heart of its products and systems, Barrisol® is produced without cadmium, mercury or arsenic. In addition to meeting all permeability and steam-test requirements, sheets fully conform to “CE” legislation and meet (or exceed) fire classifications. Tests by French, English and American independent laboratories confirm that Barrisol® products do not present any risks to health and are A+ classed (a best result) for air quality.

It’s safe for the environment. Barrisol® sheeting uses 20 times’ fewer resources (e.g., using no water and emitting no CFC or HCFC in production) than classic building materials. And, because it’s washable, it requires no painting. While boasting a 20-plus-year lifespan, it’s also 100% recyclable. For even more green? Barrisol® Recycled is made from recycled sheets—a further step in the company’s commitment to sustainability.

T-BAR cladding

Barrisol® Stretch Ceilings hang wall to wall on invisible rails—each sheet cut to exacting measure. And, given the lightweight character of the material, there’s never need to modify the existing building structure. Because stretch ceilings work easily around pipes, cables, lights and other existing fixtures, they are also an economical way to bring renewed life to existing T-Bar tiles. Learn more >

Barrisol® Star® tracks provide the utmost in versatility; they can be fixed to any ceiling or wall perimeter, and can accommodate 3D, concave and convex wall shapes—always with the option for printing or backlighting to stellar effect. Learn more >

Barrisol® TrempoVision® is a range of open-weave membranes that are stretched with the Barrisol® Trempo® system, by lacing or springs. Ideal for internal and external space, membranes are available in 10 colours and can be printed. These membranes are lightweight and available in various textures—from lacquer to satin to suede. Learn more >

Barrisol® Mirror® brings the power of reflection to the fold. Reflective walls can help you decorate and delimitate spaces, add perceived volume to smaller rooms, and introduce that unusual dash of elegance and brilliance. When suspended from the ceiling, it’s a whole new level of light and modernity. Gold or silver? Learn more >


Barrisol® Acoustics® uses micro-perforated membranes to effectively absorb sound, dramatically reducing reverberation and noise pollution. Whether it’s a public or private space, you’ll hear spectacular results. Learn more >

Barrisol® TrempoDesign® Acoustic® is a line of aerated, woven membranes that are stretched by utilizing the Barrisol® Trempo® lacing, spring or platine system. Available in 12 finishes, it can improve the acoustic environment, inside and out. Learn more >


Barrisol® Lumière® introduces elegant light into any space. Sources, including fluorescent tubes and LEDs, can be placed behind any translucent Barrisol® membrane—ceilings, walls or 3D shapes—to create the perfect tone. Learn more >

Barrisol® Lumière® Color® are illuminated light boxes that offer the desired light variation, rhythm and colour changes—for the desired mood and ambience. All light boxes feature EasyAccess® technology for easy maintenance and bulb changing. Learn more >

Event stands

Barrisol® Stand® (part of the Syma® structures system) offers event and exhibition stands that can be realized in various shapes, sizes and finishes. Lightweight and modular for easy installation, the full range of Barrisol® membranes—from lighted to printed—can bring any brand or marketing vision to richer life.Learn more >


Barrisol® sheets can be installed in all types of spaces, including swimming pools and spas. Choose from a palette of more than 230 colours and 15 finishes.

Barrisol® Star® brings a world of flexibility—allowing for 3D shapes and other unique architectural forms, and digitally printed sheets that help you create your own personalized environment. Embedded spotlights? Optic fibres? Luminous ceilings with dimmable and changing colours? You can also select the perfect lighting to match. Learn more >

Barrisol® Acoustics® can be employed to efficiently resolve the common acoustic problems (e.g., reverberation) associated with public and private swimming pools. Learn more >

Barrisol® Thermalu® is an innovative system of electric, economic and ecological heating for indoor pools. Placed above your Barrisol® ceiling, it does not require maintenance and guarantees uniform heat. And, thanks to its low-level voltage, it presents no risk or electrical-safety concerns. Learn more >


Tampa Museum of Arts - USA


Particulier Sud-Ouest / Residential Southwest - France


Blue Planet Aquarium - Denmark / Danemark


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