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Stucco drywall ceilings were once all the rage, but now they are a sign of age. You can modernize your property with stretch ceiling products.
Level up your company office with a stretch ceiling. The office will become a sleek, modern space that sparks ideas. Residential bathrooms will feel like a spa-like oasis. Study rooms and lecture halls will have style and charisma.
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Stretch Ceiling


A Barrisol Clean stretch ceiling comprises two materials: lightweight aluminum profiles and a flexible PVC membrane. The profiles are attached to the wall surfaces around the room to establish a frame. The membrane is stretched and secured over the frame to form the new ceiling.
The Barrisol Clean stretch ceiling can shield lights, air return vents, and other features. And, thanks to its porous nature, it will still allow light and air to diffuse through the ceiling. No more cold temperatures or odd warm patches. You can have a comfortable and stylish space.
BARRISOL® PVC membrane is the ideal material for your renovation. After furniture removal, installation can take only a few hours, depending on the size and specifications of your project. Installation is relatively mess-free and straightforward.

Our Stretch Ceilings & Interior Finishes

We have a large selection of stretch ceiling and interior finishing products available to create the interior of your dreams.

BARRISOL® Stretch Ceiling

BARRISOL® has been creating stretch ceiling products for over 50 years. They have developed many stretch ceiling products, including matte, printed, mirror, lighting, climatization, and acoustic solutions.

BARRISOL CLIM® Climatisation System

Establish the optimal indoor environment with the BARRISOL CLIM®. The CLIM is an effective climatization system that can evenly heat, cool, and ventilate any room thanks to its canvas membrane. It is the perfect solution for style and comfort.

CONVERTO Cladded T-bar Tiles

Give your ceiling new life with CONVERTO t-bar tiles. We wrap your t-bar tiles with the CONVERTO material of your choice to make a ceiling that perfectly matches your style and preferences when installed. We offer mirror, light, print, reflective metallic, and other membranes.

ARTOLIS® Wall Covering System

Skip the painted walls and opt for a more modern finish. ARTOLIS® wall covering system allows you to make seamless murals with custom-printed translucent or acoustic membrane. This is a perfect option for those who are tired of plain drywall walls.

Safety Certified In Canada And Around The World

BARRISOL® products are of the highest quality. They have been thoroughly tested for quality and durability, and they abide by building codes across Canada and around the world. You can trust that you are receiving a stretch ceiling that is:
  • Self deodorizing
  • Anti-germ
  • Dust-free
  • Waterproof
  • Fire-resistant
  • Non-toxic

Reputable Stretch Ceiling Installation

LG Interiors has over 10 years of experience installing stretch ceilings for clients like Queen’s University, IMAX, LuluLemon, Arc’teryx, Ferrari, CF Fairview, and more. Our attentive, detail-oriented service will ensure that your Mississauga business, organization, or house looks its best.

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