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Stretch Ceilings Acoustics & Soundproofing

Acoustics & Soundproofing
Want a better-sounding room? Or less of it-walls that significantly reduce noise pollution? Let’s discuss the right approach for your project. As part of that, we’ll reiterate why LG Interiors, using Barrisol® Acoustics® technology, sounds perfect for getting the job done on time and on budget.

Barrisol® Acoustics® uses micro-perforated membranes to effectively absorb sound, dramatically reducing reverberation and noise pollution. Whether it’s a public or private space, you’ll hear spectacular results. Learn more

Barrisol® TrempoDesign® Acoustic® is a line of aerated, woven membranes that are stretched by utilizing the Barrisol® Trempo® lacing, spring or platine system. Available in 12 finishes, it can improve the acoustic environment, inside and out. Learn more