Stretch Ceiling Lighting

Light Up Your Space & Spark Ideas With Illuminated Stretch Ceilings

Stretch ceilings are a stunning way to clad your ceiling. Call us today to get an illuminated ceiling in your space!

Innovative Lighting Solutions

Stretch your imagination and play with light with an illuminated stretch ceiling. You can turn your interior lighting into a work of art with malleable, customizable stretch ceiling lighting solutions. Whether you want to make light flow like a river across your ceiling or a chandelier that flows down like an extension of your ceiling, it is possible with a stretch ceiling.

Hide Lighting Fixtures With A Stretched Ceiling

Buildings need LED lighting solutions and other lighting fixtures for uniform light, but they can be visually unappealing. You can hide unsightly fixtures and transform your ceiling into a modern, seamless, illuminated surface with a stretch ceiling.

A stretch ceiling uses a translucent PVC membrane to cover energy-efficient light sources from view. It’s seamless, modern, and still allows for uniform lighting. You do not need to worry about your lighting method being inaccessible; all lightboxes feature EasyAccess® technology for easy maintenance and bulb changing.

Illuminated Stretch Ceiling

When it comes to lighting needs, we deliver a list of bright ideas and expertise to get the job done right. Choose from a range of Barrisol® solutions, including translucent light boxes, which can be backlit using LEDs to set the desired look and mood.

BARRISOL® Lumière Stretch Ceilings

BARRISOL® Lumière® introduces relaxing illumination into any space. Sources, including fluorescent tubes and LED light sources, can be placed behind the translucent material to create eyecatching, even illumination. The translucent material can be used for more than just stretch ceilings – it can be used to create walls or 3D personalized shapes.

BARRISOL® Lumière Color Stretch Ceilings

Sometimes, light changes are needed. BARRISOL® Lumière® Colour are illuminated lightboxes that offer the desired light variation, rhythm and colour changes on a day-like spectrum. As the time or ambience changes, you can adjust your light source’s colour temperature and radiance. You can always have the right lighting for your space with BARRISOL® Lumière® Colour full spectrum technology.

Magnificent Stretch Ceilings

Transform work and living places into a work of art with stretch ceiling lighting. BARRISOL® stretch ceiling technology can be customized to feature a printed image. You do not have to have a plain white stretch ceiling. You can have an eye-catching piece of art stretched across your ceiling for all to see.

Our experts recommend translucent images with bright and warm colours because the backlight will illuminate them, making them vibrant. Dark gray and other similar hues tend to absorb light, making them darker.

Set The Tone With Stretch Ceiling Lighting

BARRISOL® Lumière products have a wide range of light transmission rates to allow you to customize your light quality, which is essential to establishing the mood.

Commercial and business applications should select a product with a light transmission rate of at least 60%. Bright workplace lighting is known to boost productivity and spark ideas. A 50% or lower light transmission rate will offer ambient light perfect for a cozy dining room, bedroom, or living room.

Are you unsure about what the best light quality is for your space? Our experts can help you select the correct light output for your area according to its purpose.

Create The Perfect Ceiling With A Stretch Ceiling

BARRISOL’s® translucent PVC membrane can be installed across the entire ceiling or concentrated around each LED light source in 2D or 3D shapes. We can also install LED modules like LED strips or special LEDs to match a particular design/trend. When you choose a stretch ceiling, the design of your ceiling is entirely up to you.

Stretch ceilings are modern, seamless solutions for your ceiling and lighting. They’re the only solution for those wanting a beautiful, protective way to clad their ceiling. Give us a call today to learn more.


Illuminate Your Space With Stretch Ceiling Lighting Today

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