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Transform your residential or commercial space with ARTOLIS® wall coverings, a seamless PVC membrane.

Leave Wallpaper In The Past

Interior designers, architects, and homeowners who want to cover their walls in art often feel like they need to use wallpaper; wallpaper has been the traditional way to clad your walls in stunning murals, prints, and other art. But, it’s tedious to install wallpaper and the seams between sheets of paper are often noticeable. Many wallpapers are not waterproof, like grasscloth and traditional cellulose paper.

Leave wallpaper in the past and create seamless murals that stretch the entire length of your space. ARTOLIS’s® wall covering system is a new, innovative alternative to wallpaper.

ARTOLIS® Wall Covering System

The ARTOLIS® wall covering system is a brand new way to cover your walls. It’s seamless, stunning, and simple.

ARTOLIS® wall coverings are made up of two main parts: PVC profiles and a woven membrane with an acrylic finish. The PVC profiles or extrusions are secured onto the drywall. The woven membrane is fire-resistant, flexible, and finished with acyclic. Unlike wallpaper or paint, ARTOLIS® coverings are not applied directly onto your walls. Instead, the membrane hangs a slight distance away from the wall on the PVC frame. They’re much more secure than a tapestry; the membrane is firmly attached to the profiles.

ARTOLIS® wall coverings are a stylish choice for your next interior design project. Give us a call today to learn more!


At LG Interiors, we are proud to offer a wide range of ARTOLIS® brand wall covering products. Please browse our selection of products to find the perfect finish for your next project.


ARTOLIS® acoustic wall coverings feature acoustic properties that absorb background noise. The acoustic properties make this covering a popular choice for a shop, restaurant, bar, or university.


You can add light and art to your space using ARTOLIS® Lumière. Lumière is a translucent covering that allows light from backlit LED lights to diffuse through the membrane. It’s perfect for creating a beautiful, illuminated picture on your walls.


ARTOLIS® printed coverings allow you to install a seamless mural on your walls. The woven membrane can be printed with your image of choice, whether a famous classic painting or a picture. Unlike wallpaper, it’s nearly seamless when installed.

The Installation Process

ARTOLIS® wall coverings are easy and clean to install. Here is the basic installation process:

  1. Our team installs PVC profiles around the perimeter of your existing walls. The profiles are drilled onto the drywall to establish a secure base for the wall coverings.
  2. Our manufacturers print the woven PVC membrane with your chosen designs or photos. We can also print the membrane with a specific colour. Consultation happens before installation.

The end result is a stunning, seamless wall with spectacular designs that painting and wallpaper could never achieve.

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